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Terms of Use


Welcome to our Terms of Use page. We know these things can be boring, but we need it to make sure we are on the same page and avoid any possible confusions in the future. For any questions related to our Terms of Use, please contact our customer service.


By using our site, you are agree to follow the house rules, our rules. That includes how we obtain, manage and use any information of you, related to our products and services. Anything related to personal information has been explained under our Privacy Policy, please take a look.


All images are obtained from many sources, including official product sites or supplied by our supplier partners. All (brand) owners have rights over the copyrights. If we ever use your images, content or artwork not as intended, please do let us know and we will be more than happy to cooperate. All images are used as illustration purposes only. Actual product detail or packaging may be different from the one illustrated on the image, due to regional marker, or later updates from the manufacturer. Due to different calibration of colors in different monitors or display, all displayed colors may be slightly different than the actual products.


We follow a dynamic pricing policy based on demand, supply, stock availability or events at any given time. It means prices may change all the time without any warning, or certain pattern. Whatever the price you see during checkout process, is the price you pay. It includes possible discount and promotion that may apply using coupon codes, or automatically included due to certain requirements. In some cases, we are even willing to match any cheapest price you may find on the internet. So you can still enjoy the lowest price, and the best possible service from Popitoi. For complete terms and condition, please refer to Price Matching Policy.


Popitoi distribute our inventory in numerous sales channel, online and offline. Therefore, some stock discrepancies may occur from time to time. Our staff regularly updates available stock to ensure real time accuracy. However, due to some limitation, we are unable to satisfy this condition. In case one or more multiple orders are received in regards to a certain item with limited availability, we will process based on the time that the orders are received. In other words, first come is first served.


Popitoi has the rights to deny any services to anyone, without any reason. Popitoi also has the right to cancel any orders, due to technical errors or mistakes in our process to maintain latest pricing and stock quantity.


Popitoi requires individuals with a minimum age of 17, in order to be able to place order and perform a financial transaction over the internet.  Any individuals of 17 years old or younger will require adult supervision, or we will assumed so. Otherwise, Popitoi have the rights to deny any service, sales, or even any form of communications.  

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