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Creativity in Play


In recent years, since the existence of a mini TV with the capability to play games and watch movies, parents are sort of relying more on this little device to shut their kids up. Well, it works well most of the time. But, unfortunately we saw many not-so-positive behaviors among children. They become so attached to gadgets, and less active in socializing (communicating).

Even in general adults, addiction to gadgets tend to lower our attention span. People read less book, and read more tweets. It is concerning in many levels. Children, who connect more with their parents and family, tend to have their needs attended to. It might be a long shot, but tendency to do something negative is highly reduced. After all isn't it better if we all can play together as a family?

These days so many people is working outside their true profession, much different than their educational background. It is either an acceptance to a new challenge, or someone is being not so lucky. We found out that whatever you do, creativity plays a significant role to get the job done. It is the key to any problem solving. While creativity itself, it is not something you can teach, but something you develop over the years.

With this mission in mind, Popitoi always encourage parents and children to play together. It is also one important aspect in how we select products to sell. We value originality, detail in quality, so that we all can appreciate the true value of excellence in products, especially toys.

Mom ... Dad, it is time to ditch the iPad and play with your kids.

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