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Supplier Partners

In the past few years, we have been growing at significant rates that often find supply side is a little left behind. In order to satisfy the demand, we have partnered with numerous suppliers around the world to deliver reliable quantity and options.

Technology Partner

Popitoi is 100% online business. We believe in e-commerce with all the possibility in the future. With our online store, we expect to serve all customers anywhere in Indonesia 24 hours a day.  Thankfully, we have Morra -- our strategic technology partner. We are proud to say that we have employed cutting edge technology with the ability to scale at any given time. With a collection of 15K Lego sets, 15K minifigures and 50K Lego parts in our database, it is surely a challenge to keep up.

Future Partners ?

If you think that we should be partners, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are currently looking for a strategic partners to offer educational toys for Indonesian market. With our industry know-how, we believe the opportunities are wide open. 

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