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Return & Refund


First of all, we apologize for the mistake in handling your orders. We can only ensure you that we follow perfection and nothing else.

Missing Items

If you think we are missing something from your order, please contact our customer service. If we do miss something, it is our responsibility to ship the remaining items at no cost.

Minor Damages

If you are receiving a damage package, first thing you should do is to take picture before you open it. It will help us evaluate the problem. Often damages are only on the outside. Minor deformation on the actual items are considered acceptable. We will not pursue other action for this matter. If the situation permits, it is best to be witnessed by the shipping courier.

Major Damages or Missing Packages

For major damages, the first thing to do is to take a picture, preferably before you open the packages and witnessed by the courier. It is important to make them aware of the situation. Please file a report and we will pursue this matter closely.


In general, all sales are considered final.  However, in some cases customers have the rights to cancel order (eg : prolonged purchase order or missing items), and all remaining fund will be transferred back to your account directly in full. Our shipping estimates are based on individual item actual dimension and weight, including other packaging materials.

Unfortunately, the total number of multiple items may result in less volumetric weight. In this case, you will receive a refund of the difference in form of a store credit. On the other hand, even when the volumetric weight is more than the actual weight, the shipping courier may made a mistake. They often weigh in the actual weight only, resulting in cheaper shipping cost. In this case, this is not our fault and we can not refund you the difference that may occur. You can always check and compare with the actual dimension upon arrival.

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