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Our Story


Popitoi is all about quality toys and collectibles, in affordable (cheaper than mall) prices, supported by excellent customer service, and delivered to you in reliable packaging.

In 2014, we started our journey with a single Lego minifigure, and now we have grown into multi-staff e-commerce operation handling numerous order and shipments everyday. We are proud of what we do, and we will always do our best to deliver the best possible service, in short amount of time, with minimal error.

Lego brand has been our focus from the beginning. The product offers educational value and flexibility between other products within the Lego brand. We now offer an extensive amount of Lego collections -- anything from new Lego sets, rare minifigures and hard-to-find parts. Supported with reliable suppliers and partners around the world, we are constantly growing and the only way is UP. 

We highly value originality and creativity in everything we do. Therefore, we promise not to sell copycat products, or even low quality items that break down in a few play. All products must have a reliable sourcing origin, or at least validated by reliable brand/company.

Besides running a business, we also responsible for our future generation. With so many things going on in the society we can only do so little, by focusing our children to flourish in the right way. Far from all the negativity and harms way. Learn more about Creativity in Play.

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