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Series 5

Have fun with 16 special minifigures in Series 5 of the LEGO Minifigure Collection!

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Collect all 16 new minifigures from Series 5! With 16 all-new, special minifigures in Series 5, LEGO minifigure Collection continues to grow. Which one will you get when you open the mystery bag? Each minifigure comes in a sealed "mystery" bag, so you never know which minifigure you may get. And each character has its own special accesories, display plate and collector's leaflet. Inspired by movies, sports, history and just everyday life, this collection includes: Fitness Instructor, Snowboarder Guy, Lizard Man, Lumberjack, Gladiator, Small Clown, Egyptian Queen, Evil Dwarf, Boxer, Ice Fisherman, Zoo Keeper, Graduate, Royal Guard, Cave Woman, Detective, and Gangster. Each Miinifigure comes with its own special accesories, a base plate for display and a collector's leaflet, which shows the entire collection in detail. Each collector's bag is unmarked. so you will always have a surprise when you buy one.

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